Bulk Order Discount Policy

Ordering Policies

We will gladly order any books not stocked assuming we can purchase same at competative terms. Discounts may vary.

Terms for substantially larger orders, central purchasing agreements, and fulfillment contracts may vary. Contact our office.

Corporate & School Discount Policy

Please note the explanation and clarification of our policy concerning book orders, discounts, shipping and delivery.

For books in our inventory or carried by our distributor (which consists of about 4,000,000 titles):

  • 10% discount on orders up to 9 books
  • 15% discount on orders from 10 to 24 books
  • 25% discount on orders of 25 and above
  • 35% discount on orders of 100 or more copies of the same title

TBC will cover shipping costs for orders over $300 to your location and typical orders filled within 2–3 Business days

TBC is also glad to order books for you that are not handled by our distributor or textbooks, according to the following terms:

  • Book orders up to $ 500 cannot be discounted, and the total cost will include modest Shipping charges.
  • Orders in excess of $ 500 can not be discounted, but TBC will absorb the shipping charges.
  • Orders in excess of $ 1000 will receive 10% discount, and TBC will absorb the shipping charges.

Shopping Policy

You are always welcome to visit our bookstore by appointment to personally make your selections. A 30% discount is given on all books picked during your visit.

To schedule an appointment, place an order, or for further information, please call our office at 610-454-0640.

Return Policy

Please mail or fax requests for return authorization to our office. Requests must be made within six months of the invoice date. A copy of the original invoice must accompany the request for return authorization, no refunds, credit only.

Order Estimates

To request an order estimate please call 610-454-0640 or send an email to tom@townebc.com

Order estimates reflect the current retail, or cover price, and are subject to change without notice.

Express Ordering

Orders are normally shipped two to three weeks after receipt of your purchase order. Should you require a quicker turnaround, we will make every effort to accomodate your needs. The discount on express ordering will be lower than for normal orders. Express ordering is not available for RIF orders.