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Bitcoin Mining – Is it still worth it?

At the current exchange rate, one kilogram of mined gold is equivalent to about $40,000. For each hash produced, miners also receive about 12,500 €. The question therefore arises as to whether Bitcoin Mining is a lucrative business for the user. Because unlike the golden raw material, everyone can join the digital mine. Due to

Nebulas Coin advantages and disadvantages

The strong team behind the coin development is one of the biggest advantages of this crypto currency. This is where experts with a lot of experience work together. And they know what is currently lacking in the world of blockchains: A useful search function that improves the usability of blockchains; a common unit of measurement

SmartCash Coin Advantages and disadvantages

Still, developers who don’t show their face don’t necessarily boost the confidence of many traders and it could lead to a worse prognosis than the crypto currency deserves. In any case, Smart Cash doesn’t look like a hoax. Perhaps this distrust has led to the share price not reaching its highest levels yet, but it